Villa Montaña Hotel & SPA

Villa Montaña Hotel & SPA

Restaurant and Bar

Savor fine regional and international cuisine and test your senses with exquisite dishes, whose ingredients have been carefully selected by the chef to satisfy the most discriminating palates. You will have a gourmet experience that surely you will want to repeat.

Our restaurant, which is internationally recognized, offers a variety of dishes featuring exquisite Mexican and international cuisine. The desserts are well-known.
Our bar had a great panoramic view of Morelia, and it offers a variety of cocktails as well as national and imported drinks.

In an atmosphere of casual elegance, guests enjoy the flavors of appetizing national and international cuisine, enhanced by locally-produced condiments and edibles. Dishes and drinks can be savored in the terrace of the restaurant-bar while admiring the spectacular view of Morelia.

The restaurant of Villa Montaña Hotel & Spa is known for its Sunday brunch that features dishes from Michoacán. Guests delight in the savor of freshly-made tortillas, uchepos, corundas, typical dishes, traditional menudo and quesadillas made-to-order.

Our renowned chef, Armando Bernal Chávez, who oversees the buffet every Sunday, asserts that preparing brunch at Villa Montaña “is like preparing the dishes for parties and traditional events that remind you of your grandparents. It is a ritual that includes typical flavors of Michoacán and delights our guests every Sunday.”

Intimate gatherings with the best morning views of the historical center of the city. Light and live music to enjoy an exception Sunday.
We hope you can join us one Sunday, after 9:30 am o’clock to 1:30 pm o’clock, in this gathering of friends and family.

Restaurant schedule: Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.


Our chef Manuel Gómez Morin has a unique talent for outstanding seasoning.

From 2002 to the present day, he has been the executive chef. His specialty has been to combine French and Mexican cuisines. Throughout his tenure at Villa Montaña, he has had impressive achievements

Services of the Restaurant & Bar

Our facilities include a renowned restaurant, room service, and take away service. Celebrate important days here such as birthdays, romantic dinners, and formal dinners. (reservation in advance)

Promotions & Packages

Contact us for information about our special events with meals prepared by a renowned chef and traditional cooks, wine tasting, and dinners of wine and food pairing.

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From 2002 to the present day, he has been the executive chef. His specialty has been to combine French and Mexican cuisines. Throughout his tenure at Villa Montaña, he has had impressive achievements, such as appear on covers of magazines and on the recipe book The Small Luxury Cookbook: Recipes from Small Luxury Hotels of the World. He was in charge of catering the International Film Festival of Morelia in its beginnings. On the Fox Sports channel he has spoken about his cooking.

He was a coach in the worldwide cooking competition “Bocus d’Or,” and he has participated in dinners with renowned national and international chefs in the festival “Morelia en Boca.”

He completed his professional training in the Chicago restaurant “Mexique” with Chef Carlos Gaytán, the first Mexican to obtain the prestigious Michelin star, and in February of 2018 he prepared a tasty meal with Carlos Gaytán in Villa Montaña.

  • In the Hotel Fairmont in Acapulco he was the chef de partie (station chef), and there he participated in various cooking competitions like “La Copa Vatel,” the regional and national “El Bocuse d’Or”—a world renowned competition—and he was recognized as the best cook of the hotel among roughly 100 cooks.
  • In the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental located in Mexico City, in the restaurant “Au pied de cochon,” he was a chef de partie alongside Guy Santoro.
  • In the Hotel Camino Real Acapulco he was the primary chef specializing in international cuisine and seafood.
  • In the Camino Real Mexico he was an assistant chef of international dishes.
  • In the restaurant “Le Jardín des Artistes” he was an assistant chef of French cuisine.
  • In the majority of his positions, he collaborated with French chefs, and it is worth noting that he is a member of the Vatel Club México.

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