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Villa Montaña Hotel & SPA

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In 1949 a North American by the name of Raymundo Coté, due to the condition of his health, decided to move to Mexico. For various reasons he was delayed in his journey in the city of Morelia because of a problem with his vehicle. There he discovered in the hill of Santa Maria de Guido an ideal place to live. His wife had various hotels in the state of Virginia, in the U.S. So he decided to build his own in Morelia. He bought two large houses and vacant land to construct it. In 1955 he began operations in Villa Montaña with 73 rooms. He himself was in charge of administering the hotel, attending to invited guests, and cooking international dishes served in a buffet. He expanded the number of recipes until finally he edited a book about the kitchen of Villa Montaña.

With the passing of time, he decided to sell the hotel and retire in Cuernavaca. In 1973 he sold the hotel to Count Philippe de Reiset, a French citizen who was seduced by the beauty of Mexico. A great art connoisseur and restorer of building, museums, and statues, Reiset left his unique mark on Villa Montaña. With the passing of time the suites were redesigned, giving rise to the hotel’s refined and elegant atmosphere. Among the most notable changes were the relocation of the pool and the construction of a tennis court as well as the event room.

To adapt to the needs of our guests, we created and elegant event room and constructed a state- of-the-art kitchen and a spa with all the amenities and highly professional service. The inspiration behind the detailed décor of the rooms and the exquisite cuisine in the restaurant is also reflected in the gardens, known for their exotic plants and flowers that add to the unique ambience at Villa Montaña.

Every suite and room is original in its dimension and décor, making for a unique experience. To conserve the authenticity of the viceroyalty of Morelia, Count Reiset together with his wife traveled around Mexico looking for unique pieces of art with which to decorate Villa Montaña. Today the hotel has 36 suites and rooms constructed among patios and gardens, many of them with a view of the historical center through windows and from terraces. Currently the hotel has all of the modern amenities and services. The view of Morelia and the cathedral is spectacular both during the day and at night, as the hotel is only 15 minutes from the
historical center.

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